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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  March 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching "france 24." here are the headlines for you. paris gets its first female mayor, but the victory for the socialist is overshadowed by the ruling party's losses around the rest of france. the anti-immigration national front hardly could push the president to announce a cabinet reshuffle. turkish primehe minister is claiming victory in the municipal elections. the main opposition group said it they will appeal the results. a landmark report on climate change, global warming could
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spiral out of control if the world does not act now. also coming up for you, people hated it when it was first built , but today the eiffel tower has become the symbol of france. we will take a look back at the history of the monument today on its 125th birthday. and the warm spring weather in france also marks the end of the annual grace. for people who cannot pay their rent. starting tomorrow, tenants in financial difficulty could once again find themselves kicked out of their apartment. the way, but on first, history was made in paris
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last night. the city now has its first ever female mayor. taking over the job after 13 years as deputy mayor, she was ushered in in part thanks to programs already in place in paris, like the bike sharing and electrical shock -- a car sharing services. the socialists did not do well despite the win. the left suffered major losses throughout france. >> supporters of the french mainstream have waited for this for 37 years. after almost four decades in power, the socialists lost to the right wing. just one of the towns taken by the right on sunday. >> they are the leading party in france.
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we will now see the difference between a country run by the right and a country run by the left. >> although the socialists retain the capital, the results are devastating. votefelt that the protest -- that it was a protest vote against an unpopular president. been a evening has moment of truth. i will say it straight. at the local and national level this has been a defeat. french voted for the ally. the national front has won the election in one dozen cities and towns. >> we have increased our local presence. our counselors will probably be the men of the future.
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>> their only goal now, to do better in the european elections in may. >> the hit for the socialists last night could prompt the president to announce a cabinet reshuffle. surveys have showed that this is the least popular french president in recent history. to make matters worse, new data released today said that the government missed its own deficit targets. the french president is due to a dress the nation later today. we have a closer look at what kind of shakeup there might be. >> the french socialist leaders vowed to make changes after they suffered defeat in the municipal elections of sunday. some want to u-turn. >> i want to see how he will react to this message from the polls and how he will change his policies. >> the socialists say that they will not renounce the programs, but they could reshuffle the cabinet.
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one unpopular minister may be the first to go. according to an opinion poll released on monday, 74% of the french want him to leave office. their first choice for his replacement is the interior minister. >> i told the president what i think. there needs to be solidarity within the government. people have to stop fighting their personal agendas. political analysts say the president should act quickly. that the speculation may come to an end soon. according to one minister he will address the nation in a televised speech later today. >> the party of the turkish
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prime minister is claiming victory in the municipal elections there. who does he need to help him pull out of his problems? he has been linked to a tumultuous corruption scandal and he recently provoked outrage in turkey and abroad by blocking access to twitter and youtube. the main opposition group says they will be appealing the results. for more on that, we have just for. what more can you tell us about the wins and losses? >> 98% of the votes counted, they have crossed 45.6% against the main opposition party. the ultranationalist position has 15. triumph this was a because it means despite the corruption allegations and demonstrators, he was
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off four and a half percent. the opposition was disappointed within one percent of the capital. however, they have approved their share of the vote nationally. they have been stuck on six percent. they have wanted to rise above that to spread their hands in the negotiation with the government. the markets are very happy. >> what are liberal turks thinking? are they surprised at these corruption allegations not having more of an effect on the vote? >> they are certainly surprised. one columnist wrote today that in any other country, half of the corruption allegations would have brought down the government
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. many turks are shaking their heads about how 45% of the people could endorse graft. it is a basel. when i spoke to our party focus yesterday and asked them why they voted the way they did, they said it was because of what the prime minister had done for the economy, health care, and cheap housing. they were dismissive of corruption allegations. they did not want to believe the corruption allegations. spoke to the columnists last night why they did not want to believe corruption allegations, he said that they were better off. that they believed that the party delivered more than the opposition and they did not want to lose that. i spoke to a voting expert who -- allat for all moving of the moving away from the party on the grounds of corruption, they would have to
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believe that the opposition is cleaner and does not have such a record and that the opposition could deliver more in terms of services. clearly, they don't believe that. >> thank you for that, jesper. rent -- went to the recently annexed region of crimea this monday, making him the first russian to travel to the region since it was absorbed into russia 10 days ago. this came one day after the secretary of state and russian foreign minister held emergency talks on crimea here in paris on sunday. talks, but no sign yet of a diplomatic solution to the crisis in ukraine. the russian prime minister met with john kerry in paris on sunday evening. washington says that any deals must-see a removal of troops
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from the border. mustal progress in ukraine include a pullback of this very large russian force that is currently passing along the ukrainian borders. we believe these forces are creating a climate of fear and intimidation in the ukraine. >> the u.s. has imposed a series of sanctions on moscow over the past four nights after they initiated a referendum in crimea that aligned itself with russia, the vote condemned as illegal by kiev, the u.s., and their allies. he said the u.s. and european union should focus their efforts on eliminating the armed radicals within the new government. moscow's plan would see part of the country declare russia as a second official language and secure autonomy from the ukraine. >> within this framework, all the regions and political forces
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would have an equal force -- equal voice. political, financial, and social traditions would be respected. >> so far rich -- so far russia has rejected the invitations. they want the country to have a new constitution, proclaiming ukraine a neutral country. a request that he have his satirizing as an attempt to break up the country. >> the talks over the ukraine are continuing in paris. the russian foreign minister will be sitting down with the french foreign minister. you,er big news story for north korea and south korea, trading artillery fire across their disputed maritime border. to exchange was contributed a north korea live fire exercise that pumped up more tension in
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the area one day after north korea threatened what they called a new form of nuclear tests. >> artillery fire was exchanged to the west of the korean peninsula. what happened was north korea conducting light fire exercises with some of their shells landing north of the and the south korean forces responded to the artillery fire. so far as far as we know both sides are simply shooting into the sea. there is worry that an incident like this could simply spiral out of control and we could be back into a full-scale war and that this is now just the maritime border.
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a south korean ship was sunk, 46 sailors killed. inse incidents took place 2010. that was andrew salmon, reporting from seoul. a israeli court has convicted food all manner during a real estate deal in jerusalem. other corruption allegations forced him to step down as prime minister in 2008. indicted pakistan have the former president, pervez musharraf, with five counts of treason. he pled not guilty to those charges. the latest chapter in the long-running drama in which the judiciary asserts itself over the former judiciary ruler.
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the australian prime minister has promised a search for missing flight 370 has no time limit, despite the failure of the international operation to find any sign of the plane since it went missing three weeks ago. the malaysia airlines flight disappeared on march eighth while flying to beijing with 239 people on board. u.n. hasort from the some frightening news on climate change. it says that if the world does not cut the pollution of heat trapping gases soon, the noticeable harm to global warming could spiral out of control. the landmark report is aimed at cutting a deal ahead of the summit in paris next year.
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>> global warming could spiral out of control according to a u.n. report. the first of its kind in seven years. where the in a world impact of climate change has already occurred. we see impacts from the equator's to the polls. from the coasts to the mountains . there is no question that we already live in a world affected by climate change. >> a call for action under the warning that climate change could undermine economic growth and increase global -- increase global poverty. the report was on 21st century disasters, such as heat waves in europe -- in europe, as well as deadly flooding across the globe . above all the study stressed that climate change is already cut into the global food supply and that no one is immune.
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>> no one will be untouched by the impact of climate change. >> the 49 page summary comes at a time when problems have gotten danger level of the risks had to be reviewed. in 2007 the biggest risk level was a high summary graphic. the latest report had the level very high, colored deep purple. most of the study discusses what can be done. >> the warmer weather in france is marking the end of the annual grace. for people who cannot pay their rent. starting tomorrow, tenants in financial difficulty can once again find themselves kicked out of their apartments. from november 1 to march 31 every year people can be -- cannot be evicted due to the cold, but starting tomorrow
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people could once again find themselves on the street. >> in her bags she carries the numerous eviction notices she has received. she earns just 300 euros per month, not enough for living expenses. behind on her payments, the landlord wants to send her packing right away if she cannot come up with back rent. i must be up to date no later than november. otherwise i will be evicted. but they told me i would not have to leave during the winter. that was a big relief. it is a burden. and it is hard. france it is illegal to evict tenants from november 1 to march 31. the law goes back to 1956 and came about from the efforts of one man who was outraged over
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people tossed into the street and left to freeze during the harsh winter of 1954. he campaigned tirelessly for the rights of the poor. heat and electricity cannot be shut off during the winter either. 60 years later a new housing law is set to take effect, extending the grace. by two weeks, but it does little to ease the growing housing crisis in france. other countries have implemented housing policies where there are as many lodgings as there are households. bad in that it is not as those countries because the people are not on the streets. losing housing is obviously disastrous, but more than 1.5 million people are seeking social help. >> the grace. allowed her to build a case for needing social assistance. she would soon be relocated.
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many do not have that chance. than 115,000 people received eviction notices because of unpaid rent. 10,000 were forcibly evicted. >> the second round of the municipal elections in france are dominating the french press. for more, good morning. >> hello. a real route for the socialists dominating all the coverage in the papers. let me go straightaway to the figure here, saying that it was a beautiful synonymy. earlier on in the morning they change that slightly. we are definitely seeing what is a major proportion for the ruling socialists. of course, the figure out -- figaro has been lobbying about this every minute. calling themselves more european
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in the regional races. this is their last chance, a president. for the they say his only option now is to go for tony blair style reforms. what they might call a social, liberal market-driven reform in the economy and get away from the situation we have now and over to some greek style politics. >> you mentioned that idea, going from the wave two those tsunami metaphors. >> it is the right wing. they are definitely picking up on the senomyx team. you can see it on the homepage there. if you look closely, you can see him talk away, looking forlorn.
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it says that he is directly responsible, so what is the consequence? it could be the interior minister or the prime minister. ,urning to the left-wing press it was also quite hard on him, the punishment. saying yes, what about it? he could be learning more in the coming hours. the editorial says that there is a new team and they will have to concentrate on concrete action. what about easing the tax burden for the poor? the paper is saying that in terms of the term of office, there will be talk in the streets. there is him before and him after the elections.
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>> you told us about the test on the red -- the press on the right, the press on the left. there is one more paper. him on have a picture of the stand, looking forlorn. that paper is also looking at one of the big winners in these rounds of political voting. there she is, smiles all around. she targeted a small number of .ey villages she had around 12 key representatives for her party and she has been bubbling away, making news of her message, as a she has reported third and a fourth in french
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politics. a break in the idea that this is the end of the socialist party and right wing party. thoserival of politicians, again, will change the political dimensions and overall the message in the press is that ormonde is alone. we have got the naked emperor, if you like. no clothes. hey, we won paris. meanwhile, in the waters around him we have the boat sinking. water imagery, isn't it? titanic. marking just a bit of good news for him. >> thank you so much for that. and thank you for watching. next is boards. it all starts right now with tennis in miami.
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>> the fourth miami masters title was claimed by rafael nadal. freshrbian appeared to be in the net. the final meeting between the six-threeeaning with victory in florida. bragging rights falling to the two under victory for their third champion league picking up three points, all showing the and the moniker. in the english premier league, putting the pressure on once, the locals felt destiny there in their formula on the charts, a
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few points clear. >> we made it the game that it was because of the intensity. because of us ourselves. i expect it in every game that we play. it was the idea and methodology of our world. there are still some world-class managers up there. we just control we can do. hopefuls hosting candidates in hamburg on friday. afterad did not last long the second attempt.
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they made the point shortly after to complete with the 31. their march to the , inside the arena and on their feet. the a few seconds into second half, the second on the season was in the league on the international. all over as carson .waited journalists they said it was eight points, clear the finalists. the grand prix was on sunday in
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this in the circuit. gg99ññwçça7gucc
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